Boro'd Baikal Jumpsuit

Our elegant Baikal jumpsuit had a major thread pulled through the leg of the pant.  It meant we had to figure out something beautiful and sleek to keep the integrity of the garment.  Marilou embroidered it with black cotton threads in a dynamic and subtle abstraction on the leg. I personally love this piece.
  • Made with 100% Tencel 
  • Size Medium - shown on Gabrielle who wears Small
  • All profits (159$) from the sales of this item will go to Le Phare des Affranchies working against Human Trafficking in Quebec.

Please read more about Le Phare des Affranchies here and see the Boro'd products here

When asked if we would ever have our clothing made overseas, we categorically said no. In the beginning, Jennifer made everything by hand in the back of her shop, loving the contact with clients and refining her skills. Now that the business has grown, we’re proud to say that Jennifer Glasgow clothing is still made right here in Montreal! Our close knit circle of factories are all woman-owned. Chenda, Sina and Miu, with their teams, have produced every stitch for over 10 years. Keeping our production in Canada helps us control the quality of our goods and reduces our carbon footprint.

#whomademyclothes is a campaign started by Fashion Revolution that runs every year on the anniversary of the 2013 Rana Plaza disaster in Bangledesh where 1138 people were killed while working in a clothing factory. This hashtag is used by brands to demonstrate transparency in their supply chain. To read more about Fashion Revolution and their global organization, please click here.

Lyocell (also known as Tencel) is a sustainable fiber, regenerated from wood cellulose. It uses a closed loop system of production that has a minimal impact on the environment. Lyocell is wrinkle resistant, simulates silk, suede or leather to touch.

Lyocell helps regulate body temperature and has inherent anti-bacterial properties which allows garments to stay odour-free for longer and allows for multiple wears before each wash.

Lyocell fabric is extremely soft, anti-static and anti-bacterial. When blended with other fibers, it increases their tenacity and durability. In addition, it is biodegradable and requires less dye than cotton.

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