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A project in collaboration with Le Phare des Affranchies.

Often, when we think of human trafficking, we are inclined to think exclusively of the sex trade. However, we have learned with the help of Nathalie from Le Phare des Affranchies that human trafficking also refers to those taken for cheap labour in many industries (clothing production being one of the most impacted by people being trafficked), among other things.

We have developed a project based in the Japanese tradition of Mottainai - a Japanese term conveying a sense of regret concerning waste.

Boro and Sashiko is the mending of valuable garments, emphasizing the intrinsic value of an object through decorative patching and embroidery stitches, which is produced by the artist in a mindful and thoughtful manner.

Through this project we bring new life to pieces put aside because of minor damages, like holes or stains, by artistically embellishing them with our scrap and leftover fabric. The pieces will be sold on the Jennifer Glasgow website with profits donated to Le Phare des Affranchies here in Montreal, Canada.

Please read more about Le Phare des Affranchies here.

"Caring for, altering and repairing clothing makes an outfit yours. No longer one of a million sameness, it puts your thread of history through the threads of the clothes, it nurtures memory, life, your life.

-Diana Padwick

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