A collaboration with Le Phare des Affranchies/ Beacon of the Freed

Often when we think of human trafficking, we tend to think of it as being limited to sexual exploitation and something that happens elsewhere. Our team got a chance to sit with Nathalie of Beacon of the Freed, who was able to shed light on the different facets it can take as well as its presence in Canada and Quebec. One of the things we learnt: Human trafficking also includes exploitation in work, and one of the major areas of trafficking in this regard is clothing production." 

We have developed a project based in the Japanese tradition of Mottanai - a term conveying a sense of regret concerning waste. Our project uses techniques similar to those used in the Japanese mending style of Boro. The idea is that mending of valuable garments, emphasizes the intrinsic value of an object through decorative patching and embroidery stitches, which is produced by the artist in a mindful and thoughtful manner. 

This project has helped us find new life for clothing that had been forgotten because of minor damages like a small hole or a stain by embellishing them in an artistic manner with our left over fabrics. These items will be sold exclusively on the Jennifer Glasgow website and all the profits ( indicated in the description ) are donated to the Beacon of the Freed / Le Phare des Affranchies working to end human trafficking in Quebec.

Please read more about Le Phare des Affranchies here.

"Caring for, altering and repairing clothing makes an outfit yours. No longer one of a million sameness, it puts your thread of history through the threads of the clothes, it nurtures memory, life, your life.

-Diana Padwick

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