About Jennifer Glasgow Design

Founded in 2001, Jennifer Glasgow Design is a lifelong expression of art through fashion. We are as much an established Montreal-based fashion house as we are a brick-and-mortar boutique, representing sustainable brands from local designers alongside our own collections. With slow fashion values, we strive to create unique designs as well as curate a meaningful shopping experience.It is important for us to represent individuality as well as offer garments that lend themselves to many walks of life. Classic, strong shapes, bold form and colour carry our inspired designs transcending fast-paced, disposable fashion trends, ensuring our pieces stay vibrant and current, to grow with you, as the world moves around us. Our signature style is refined with artistic flourishes and is complemented by our ethical vision. Stemming from an admiration of Montreal’s fashion manufacturing legacy, we create with a dedication to quality of design and product. Our community, whether local or global, is our heartbeat and inspiration.

Our team, strengthened by skilled Montreal seamstresses, create collections based on our shared values and passion for beautiful design. The labour and attention that goes into every garment created by Jennifer Glasgow Design is a deep reflection on the fashion industry. Where do our clothes come from and what is the true cost of fashion? This constant observation has helped us grow our values, pushing us to do better. It is paramount for us to ensure all workers and designers receive fair wages, and our adored clients feel good about purchasing ethical, hand-made, beautiful pieces, crafted with love and care. 

Our values direct us and grant the opportunity to be as sustainable as possible. This means subscribing to the philosophy of circular economy, while working closely with our local community’s micro economy. We embrace slow fashion, producing small collections at a pace where we manage waste, produce thoughtfully and enjoy life, knowing we are working alongside others who hold the same values. We strive to use the most sustainable textiles available to a business of our size. Working closely with individuals also ensures the highest quality at every stage of our production, providing our clients with garments that answer to the trust that is put in our hands. Ours is a business of love and care, with products imagined and curated to live and grow with you.

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