Our Values

Our values revolve around sustainability as well as ethical and local production. Sustainability has many expressions. From our very earliest days sewing in the back of our humble boutique, we’ve contemplated what these expressions mean to us and how they grow alongside the team and the brand. These are values we want to share and spread in the makers community to build for the future. We see sustainability as an umbrella composed of different arms, each holding the other together:

Sustainable Textiles

Making clothes should not harm anyone and this process starts with the textiles we select by trying to focus on OEKO-TEX materials in every collection. This not only makes for more sustainable textiles production, it also ensures garments will be biodegradable at the end of their long and useful life.

Superior Craftsmanship

By working with local workers, we have the opportunity to have our eyes on every step of production. We control quality from textiles to cutting to sewing to shipping. Our quality is unsurpassed thanks to the positive relationships we have with individuals who take pride in their work.

Slow Fashion

Small batches guarantee less waste. Each style is made to be cared for and loved for many years to come. Buy less, love what you have more!

Circular and Local Economy

Making sure that we have a direct impact on our community by hiring locally, and giving fair pay to our workers to ensure a higher quality of life.

Timeless Designs

Our signature style is classic with artistic flourishes. Strong shapes, bold form and colour carry our inspired designs and keep them alive for years to come. Designing outside of short-lived trends is essential to making clothes that will be worn for as long as they hold together.


Whether it is trusting our own decisions, or the community trusting us to make pieces they will love season after season, trust is there at every stage, from concept to realization. Trust is at the heart of sustainability, it’s a deal we make together to do better, every day.

Circular Fashion Program

At Jennifer Glasgow, we encourage ethical and sustainable fashion and want to make it more accessible. That's why we created our Buyback Program, a program that consists of giving a second life to clothes purchased at our boutique.