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JENNIFER GLASGOW DESIGN is a fashion house merging the traditional functions of a design studio with two innovative features: a sophisticated clothing line that uses materials produced under a socially conscious practice and an artistic palette that elucidates meaning drawn from the natural world. In equal measure, designer Jen Glasgow has taken inspiration from the vistas and panoramas, valleys and peaks of the grasslands and mountainous landscapes of her rural upbringing – whilst keeping this world a sustainable place through producing locally-made collections which limit a carbon footprint and by sourcing organic fabrics from abroad with this same sensibility.

In her work, Jen believes in the lyricism of the image, caught and created to compliment the human form. The raw landscapes and colour blocking palettes of artists like Emily Carr and Mark Rothko find homage in her designs; but Russian Constructivists Vavara Stepanova and Alexander Rodchenko also find footing. It is their deconstruction of the human body put back together and recombined for theater wear that inspire the linking of the angular with the fluidity in Jennifer Glasgow Design.

JGD was founded in 2003, although Jen’s personal career in fashion began much prior to that in the video and performance arts milieus of her roaring twenties. Without the conventional training in fashion and design schooling, Jen’s wholly eclectic and myriad experiences in the fashion world lead her to develop a more hands-on approach with her savvy clientele. Alongside two friends, she opened the boutique Local 23, in the burgeoning artistic district of Mile End in Montreal. Her devotion to showcasing the fashions of Montreal-based designers, as well as her own collections, cemented her name in the community.  Within a few years the demand for a second boutique yielded General 54 in 2006. It is this inestimable experience with the boutiques that has allowed Jen to keep her eyes and ears open to the needs of the women buying her wares and to keep abreast of the ever-changing desires of those in vogue.

From women in their twenties to those in their seventies, something timeless and universal has emerged across the ages: fashions that feature room for self-expression with ease is an essentialism that JGD honours. The collections are refined in their minimalism, femininity and artistic appeal for all.

Her original works have appeared in Elle Canada, Lou Lou, Nightlife, Cult, Fashion Canadiana, Le Carnet, the Gazette, Huffington Post, Vieux Montreal, Mode Montreal and many others. 



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