Anie Rouleau - The Unscented Co

I had the pleasure of meeting on of my favourite clients, Anie Rouleau a few years ago while she was searching for the perfect “power suit” to wear to her episode of the Dragon’s Den! I quickly realized how passionate she is not only her own company, The Unscented Co but also her community, city and local fashion!

When we first met, I was already a big fan of The Unscented Co’s products. I have some pretty severe eczema and using her line of detergents was exactly what I needed. Our relationship began as a client / designer to two women chatting about climate change, business and our beautiful city of Montreal.

It was clear that Anie’s story, accomplishments and passion were things I wanted to personally know about. When it came time to launch our Spring Summer Collection, I felt compelled to invite her to speak to us about what makes her tick.

Here are some excerpts from our interview!

Who are you and what has been your path to the creation of The Unscented Co?

At the age of 33, I had the chance to travel the world for 18 months. I wanted to discover some of the social issues in Asia, Africa, Oceania and South America. There was one common denominator, the environment. I knew that my next company would have to have a positive impact. And so, I launched The Unscented Co in 2016 with the hope to redefine the idea of cleanliness by offering a line of natural and effective products made exclusively without scent and made to reduce our plastic use.

Could you help us understand why it is important for you to redefine the idea of cleanliness and to offer alternatives to the existing products out there?

Basically, my business is a soap company that is part of an industry that contributes to one of the biggest environmental scourges, the single use plastic bottle. I wanted to be part of the solution by offering all products in bulk and solid formats such as solid shampoo and solid conditioner. Today, the entire line is available for anyone who wants to live without any plastic packaging. It is possible!

What gives you a sense of accomplishment in your work?

When I see an idea on paper come to life on the grocery shop shelf. When I see industry standards change and adopt our products as a benchmark. When I see consumer behaviours changed by adopting our bulk concept. When I see how far the company has come in the last 10 years. I get butterflies in my stomach every morning, I can't wait to start my day and make a small difference in my industry.

Anie Rouleau in Jennifer Glasgow Meridian Dress | Hoku Blouse + Casia Pants

You are a loyal Jennifer Glasgow client. Can you tell us how you discovered us?

In 2018, I decided to take up a challenge and have 50% of my wardrobe come from Quebec designers. I wanted to know more about Montreal fashion and especially encourage local. The first boutique I visited was Evelyne in NDGr / Westmount. It is a boutique that carries various local ethical and sustainable fashion brands. I love Jennifer Glasgow. Everything she designs suits me, I feel good. I left with my first two dresses. To this day, I always check out Jennifer's collection first before making any purchases. I wore Jennifer Glasgow on Dragon's Den and at C2 Montreal. Those were my power suits.

Can you tell us what is your relationship with fashion and what you wear on a daily basis? What is important for you when you get dressed?

I must admit that I have very little tolerance for fast fashion. I always try to find clothes that are timeless and above all sustainable. I am proud to wear clothes made here in Montreal. People are often surprised that we can wear Quebec designer clothes that are both trendy and ethical. I like to feel good when I am working. I don't have a huge wardrobe but all my pieces are very useful for different occasions.

As a last question to Anie, I wanted to know if she has any exciting new projects that she could speak to us about. Her answer makes my heart swell.

The idea of building a range of cosmetic products in collaboration with my daughter Anna Beatrice fills me with joy. To be able to offer her the opportunity to create, to realize, to accomplish herself in entrepreneurship fills me with pride as a mother :-)

Anie Rouleau in Jennifer Glasgow Hoku Blouse + Casia Pants | Estella Dress

There is a beautifully passionate person in Anie, who has dedicated herself to not only her family, the environment and our wellbeing but communities across the country.

It is a thrill for me to have had Anie take us into her home and life. A massive thank you, Anie. Looking forward to seeing where the future takes her!