Always Montreal made

My collections are made with care, here in Montreal. Locally made clothing is something I feel very strongly about. When I began making clothing in 2003, I sewed everything myself in the back of my boutique. It gave me a lot of time to consider, where fast fashion comes from. I understood then as I do now, that designers have power to help our communities by hiring locally. We as ethical and sustainable designers can and should pay living and fair wages to our seamstresses and everyone else involved in the production of our clothing. Every item we make at Jennifer Glasgow Design is produced by a team of many. The fact that my collection is made here in Canada, means my team and I can communicate easily, create trusting and strong relationships and produce beautiful clothing that is made with care. Transparent production is at the heart of my company.


#whomademyclothes is an important campaign that was started by Fashion Revolution. It is an organization that focuses on educating us as consumers and designers, to the importance of ethical practices in the fashion industry. Every April, this organization commemorates the 2013 Rana Plaza disaster in Bangledesh that killed 1138 people who were working in a clothing factory. To read more about Fashion Revolution and their global organization, please click here.