Waste Not, Want Not

Recently we put our minds to the test to create projects that minimize the waste we produce as a fashion brand.  We recognize the rising challenges around us and our impact on our world as both consumers and producers. Our team, from design to production and shipping, brought ideas to the table and found some creative ways that combine reducing our waste with giving back to our community. 

  • Collaboration Boro'd - a fundraising initiative that takes items, once not sellable for reasons like holes, stains and other damages, and uses our fabric scraps and leftovers to artistically embellish and bring value to pieces once deemed garbage. For more information, please refer to Boro’d in our Community section.
  • Textiles and Notions Sale  - We spend time choosing high quality fabric we love and sometimes we have some left over. We are excited to be able to offer artists, designers, students and our clients the opportunity to purchase our post production rolls at affordable prices. It’s a win-win solution for all that brings new life to textiles we have loved!

To come:

  • Marketplace - we create collections and aspire to sell all of it but sometimes we overproduce. In an attempt to find something constructive to do with the surplus, we will be holding a designer marketplace where designers from Montreal and the surrounding area will have the opportunity to sell their retired collections at extremely affordable prices.  The profits from these sales would go to the organizations of the designers' choice, with the goal of raising money for important causes
  • Clothing swap -  We are planning a public swap to encourage everyone to consider swapping out their gently worn designer clothing for another community member’s piece, redirecting them from landfills and giving them a second life.

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